A book belonging to Morwen in Dealing with Dragons. Written by a DeMontmorency, Kazul and Cimerone ask to borrow it from Morwen to find out more about the Caves of Fire and Night and what the wizard are up to

Cimerone described it as "even dryer and duller than Kazul had said. There were a great many 'mayhaps' and 'perchances' and 'wherefores,' strung together in long , involved sentences that compared strange and wonderful things in the caves to obscure philosophical ideas and odd customs from places Cimerone had never heard of." 

One direct quote from the DeMontmorency Cimerone recited was " 'Thus these Caves of Fire and Night are, in some sense, indivisible, though it is preposterous to claim that these descriptions are true of either group of caves in their entirety...' "

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