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Alianora is still a bit silly, but is less so then most princesses. This a key trait in making her one of Cimorene's friends.

History Edit

Alianora is a princess who couldn't do anything right. At her birth-party, her parents specifically forget to invite a powerful, yet evil, fairy, and she came but she filled to bursting on cake and ice cream and danced with Alianora's Uncle Arthur until 2 AM and had a wonderful time, and then when she was older she got glass slippers and was told to go to a nearby prince ball, and one of them broke before she even got there. Then she was supposed to go to the forest with a loaf of bread and give some to any who asked. Only one person did, an old women, and instead of saying that diamonds and roses would fall from her mouth whenever she spoke, she said that she would always have really good teeth, thus implying it was the tooth fairy. She is, while rather silly, one of the nicer and more sensible princesses. Her great-aunt sent her to a village which was to be ransacked, but didn't tell her, since she was sure that she would mess it up somehow. Alianora got taken by Woraug, and was his princess, though according to Cimorene these are all good things because who'd want to be cursed? And she said if you talked in your sleep you'd wake up rolling around on thorns and stones, and then they met.

Appearance Edit

Alianora has hair the color of wheat, and (presumably) blue eyes. She also has a pearl circlet, but it is unknown how often she wears this.

Current Life Edit

Alianora is currently married to the Stone Prince, and thus queen of an unknown kingdom. Besides this, little is known.

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