"Father will be so pleased."

-Antorell when explaining his plot. Father is Zemenar.

Antorell is a wizard, and not a very good one. He is always thwarted by one of the heros- A.K.A Cimerone , Mendenbar ,with the help of Morwen, Kazul, or someone else, such as Alianora. He has lost his staff multiple times as well as being melted.


Antorell is a tall wizard, taller than his father, and has a brown beard and hair. His features are nearly identical to Zemenar save for his height and youth. His eyes are said to be pricing bright black and can make others feel uneasy. His attire is all four books consists of robes identical to Zemenar's, but in blue and black coloration. Like all wizards he carries a staff are of polished wood. 


As stated above, his father is Zemenar, and it is extremely possible that Anotorell was forced into being a wizard since Zemenar was such a good one. However, he doesn't seem to care and seems to rather like being a wizard. He is terrible at it, though.

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