Archaniz is the Chairwitch of the Deadly Nightshade Gardening Club. She looks exactly like a witch should, and her cat Grendel looks exactly as a witch's cat should, contrasting with Morwen and her cats. She only appears in the first part of Calling on Dragons, in which she has been inundated by letters from Arona Michelear Grinogion claiming that the Deadly Nightshade Gardening Club was not nearly witchy enough and that he was going to write to the times next. She comes calling on Morwen (and brings her cat, though Morwen has told her not to before) and complains about Morwen's growing lilacs in her garden, and about the number of cats Morwen has, without reason. Archaniz then tells Morwen about Arona Vamist and his threats and Morwen suggests that the Gardening Club enter a show that was coming up, which would buy them time to find out why Arona Vamist was so interested in making witches do things his way and traditionally. She then leaves the way she came, on her broomstick. She is a minor character, so nothing else is known.

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