The Dragons own most of the mountains of the morning, as well as most entrances to the Caves of Fire and Night. Being Queen of the Dragons is extremely boring, and no has filled the position for a while, so both genders can be King and get the same title.

Colin's StoneEdit

Colin's Stone was discovered in the Caves of Fire and Ice early on by dragons. It's used to determine to the new King of Dragons, since it's magical. It's about the size of Cimerone, and the trip is not very far, so most dragons except the very youngest could carry it. When a dragon who is not to be the king carries it, it begins to vibrate heavily, forcing them to drop it. However, the dragon who is to be the King will deliver it with ease. If you felt sick, like Kazul did, then you would feel better after letting the stone drop.


Dragons appear to be able to choose their gender. Male dragons have two horns, while female dragons have three. Young dragons are genderless, and have not grown their horns yet.

All dragons are some shade of green. (Blue-green, lime green, purple-green, bright green, etc.) They can live to a very old age, and 16 years is a trice to dragons. If a dragon acts extremely un-dragon like, they will turn into a frog. The only known dragon who has suffered this punishment is Worug.

Relationships with others nearbyEdit


Dragons are enemies with wizards. Dragons have good reason too because besides the fact that their staffs activate dragon's allergies, they also poisoned the king before Kazul. A deal was made that the wizards could have certain parts of the Caves of Fire and Night, if they kept out of the Mountains of the Morning. The deal was destroyed after Kazul was made king.

Enchanted ForestEdit

Dragons and the Enchanted Forest got on before Mendanbar was king, then Mendanbar went out to see Kazul and help Cimerone find her, and they are currently on extremely good terms.

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