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In Which Alianora Discovers an Unexpected Use for Soap and Water, and Cimorene Has Difficulty with a DragonIn Which Cimorene Calls on a Dragon, and the Stone Prince Discovers a PlotIn Which Cimorene Discovers the Value of a Classical Education and Has Some Unwelcome Visitors
In Which Cimorene Meets a Witch and Has Doubts about a WizardIn Which Cimorene Receives a Formal Call from Her Companions in Dire CaptivityIn Which Cimorene Refuses to Be Proper and Has a Conversation with a Frog
In Which Cimorene and Alianora Conduct Some Tests and Disturb a WizardIn Which Cimorene and Kazul Make a Journey UndergroundIn Which Cimorene and Kazul Pay a Call, and Cimorene Gets into a Fight
In Which Daystar Is Polite to a Bush and Makes a FriendIn Which Daystar Leaves Home and Encounters a LizardIn Which Disaster Strikes
In Which Everyone ArguesIn Which Kazul Has a Dinner Party, and Cimorene Makes DessertIn Which Kazul Is Unwell, and Cimorene Makes a New Acquaintance
In Which Killer Rises in the WorldIn Which Mendanbar Cleans UpIn Which Mendanbar Decides to Experiment
In Which Mendanbar Discovers a ProblemIn Which Mendanbar Grows Some Trees and Makes a Wicked SuggestionIn Which Mendanbar Has Some Interesting Visitors
In Which Mendanbar Receives Some Advice from a WitchIn Which Mendanbar and Cimorene Are Very BusyIn Which Mendanbar and Cimorene Have a Long Talk and Mendanbar Reluctantly Decides to Embark on a Journey
In Which Morwen Encounters a RabbitIn Which Morwen Makes a Discovery and Some CallsIn Which Morwen and Telemain Argue and Killer Discovers the Perils of Mixing Cosmetics and Magic
In Which Nobody Is SatisfiedIn Which Telemain Does a Spell and Morwen Misses a CallIn Which Telemain Works Very Hard
In Which Therandil Is a Dreadful Nuisance and Cimorene Casts a SpellIn Which There Is Much ExcitementIn Which There Is a Misunderstanding and Mendanbar Does Some Plumbing
In Which They Concoct a PlanIn Which They Confront the VillainsIn Which They Discover the Perils of Borrowed Equipment
In Which They Give Some Good Advice to a GiantIn Which They Have Difficulties with a MirrorIn Which They Learn Something Worth Knowing
In Which They Make a New AcquaintanceIn Which They Make an Unexpected DetourIn Which They Return to the Enchanted Forest at Last
In Which They Trade StoriesIn Which Willin Finally Gets to Arrange a Formal CelebrationIn Which Wizards Try to Make Trouble, and Cimorene Does Something about It
In Which Yet Another Wizard Tries to Cause TroubleIn Which a Great Many Cats Express OpinionsIn Which a Wizard Makes a Mess and the Journey Begins
In Which a Wizard Pays a VisitIn Which the Dragons Crown a New King, and Cimorene Gets a New JobIn Which the Expedition Leaves the Enchanted Forest at Last
In Which the King of the Enchanted Forest Takes a Day OffIn Which the Plot Positively Curdles and the King of the Dragons Loses her TemperIn Which the Plot Thickens
In Which the Wizards Do Some Snooping, and Cimorene Snoops BackIn Which the Wizards Try to Make Trouble, and Cimorene Does Something about ItIsabelle
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