Mendanbar is the king of the Enchanted Forest and Cimorene's husband.

Searching for DragonsEdit

He is very busy as king, and Willin, his steward, is very uptight. As such, he has not left the forest in three years, or since he became king. In this book he meets Cimorene, and by the end they are married. He has a certain power over the Forest, such as being able to use the magic in it. There is a network of magic strands in the air, which he can't see, but he can pluck out of the air and use. Only Kings of the Enchanted Forest can do this, and only their family can hold the Sword. He dislikes wizards because they kidnapped Kazul, King of the Dragons, suck up magic from the forest, and are generally slimy and distasteful.

Calling on DragonsEdit

He has a son named Daystar.

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He has black hair that is described as "a bit long" by Morwen and a "bird's nest" by the castle gargoyle and Cimorene. He has long legs and rarely wears a circlet or crown, except on official business such as visiting the King of Dragons, and wears clothes that are "plain as a gardener's." Despite this, he still manages to look like a king- this is credited to the "thoughtful expression in his grey eyes."

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