Morwen is a witch who has several cats, noted as being nine in the first three books. She also wears loose black robes, not because it's traditional, but because they're comfy and practical. She never hunches down and isn't green. She doesn't hunch because then people will not be able to see her and thus not take her seriously, since she's already quite short. Above her door is painted None of This Nonsense, Please! She refuses to even put on the tall, pointy hats most witches wear, and always keeps her house very clean.

See A Journey Through the Caves of Fire and Night for more information on this book.


Morwen is down-to-earth, practical, and kind. She is always sensible and never rude. Other characters like her very much and she is always willing to give a hand. Others enjoy her gingerbread and other food, and she appears to be a very good cook. She also makes delicious cider.


Morwen has quite a few cats which she sometimes sends out on missions, but they always do it because they want to, and will not stand by as a rumor that they actually cared, heaven forbid, went around. She has created a potion so she can understand them and is thinking of making one where she can understand others' cats, too. Her cats are:

Calling on Dragons Edit

  • Jasmine - small ginger female, exceptionally lazy, trouble once claimed that moving gave her motion sickness.
  • Murgatroyd - male, whose color is not identified, other than "not black", probably a Maine Coon Cat, likes to show off .
  • Fiddlesticks - seal brown male, sweet, friendly, always hungry, "talks to much" for most of the cats' liking.
  • Miss Eliza Tudor - fluffy white female with blue eyes, proper, likes taking the lead, is much kinder to Fiddlesticks than the others.
  • Scorn - large calico female, very judging and cynical but flirts with Horatio, a fire witch's cat in COD, and has Quiz with him most likely.
  • Trouble - large, lean gray male with a crooked tail and a recently acquired raggedy ear, probably gained in a fight, the name says it all.
  • Jasper Darlington Higgens IV - cream and silver male, practical, is friends with mice
  • Chaos - fat, long-haired tabby male, thinks he owns the apple tree out by the back gate next to the lilac.
  • Aunt Ophelia - spiky tortoiseshell female, one of the younger cats.

Talking to DragonsEdit

  • Quiz/ Grand Inquisitor - son of Scorn.
  • Cass/ Cassandra - small, gray cat, easily overlooked.
  • Nightwitch - black cat with one white paw; adopted by Shiara later on, she does a lot, usually saving her companions' lives.
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