The Mountains of Morning are a long mountain range where the dragons, their current princesses and some giants live.


The mountains have no inherent magic of their own, though magical creatures and plantlife (such as dragonsbane) can live and thrive there.

Locations within the mountains include:

  • Dragons' caves. There is a massive network of tunnels, linking most of the caves to one another.
  • Entrances to the Caves of Fire and Night.
  • The Pass of the Dragons, an old path between the mountains and the Enchanted Forest.
  • The Pass of Silver Ice, which is near Kazul's cave and is where Cimorene first met the wizard Zemenar. Dragons can fly through it, but there's also a slender ledge where smaller-sized beings can walk.
  • Flat Top Mountain, home of the giants Dobbilan and Ballimore.
  • Vanishing Mountain, the end point of the trials to become King of the Dragons.


The mountains are frequently visited by a variety of beings, including:

  • Knights and princes, who come to rescue the princesses held by the dragons. The dragons view them mostly as nuisances.
  • Wizards. For a long time, the King of the Dragons had an arrangement with the Society of Wizards, allowing them to enter the caves at certain times, but this was cancelled following the death of King Tokoz and the coronation of Kazul.
  • Dwarves, who use certain places within the Caves of Fire and Night to forge magic swords. They also created some of the dragons' caves.
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