Character Edit

Prince Therandil is the son of King of Sathem-By-The-Mountain. He is betrothed to Cimorene and spends much of his time trying to rescue her from Kazul.

He is very honorable and always tries to do what is right and proper, though this is generally driven by pride rather than wanting to be good.

He is frequently corrected by Cimorene, even though he is genuinely concerned for her well-being. His first reaction to adversity is to challenge a foe to a duel.

After having a wish granted to him by the jinn, he successfully rescues Keredwel from the dragon Gornul.

Appearance Edit

Golden-haired, blue-eyed, exceedingly handsome.

Such a good-looking boy.

Relationships Edit

Betrothed to Cimorene.

It can be assumed after the rescue he marries Keredwel.

Son of King of Sathem-By-The-Mountain.

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