This page illustrates a timeline of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series. The timeline assumes that years are twelve months, but does not assume that the series uses the same names for months as out-of-universe. A.C.B. stands for "after Cimorene's birth."

Dealing with Dragons Edit

  • 0 A.C.B. - Cimorene is born.
  • 12 A.C.B. - Cimorene learns things unbecoming of a princess.
  • 16 A.C.B. - Cimorene begins her adventure.

Searching for Dragons Edit

  • 17 A.C.B. - A year passes from Dealing with Dragons and Cimorene meets Mendanbar at age twenty.

Calling on Dragons Edit

  • 17 A.C.B. - Cimorene becomes pregnant with Daystar sometime in the last seven months of 17 A.C.B. or the first two months of 18 A.C.B.
  • 18 A.C.B. (and two months) - Wizards steal the Sword of the Enchanted Forest to which Cimorene, Morwen (and two cats), Telemain, Kazul, and Killer go on a quest to retrieve it.
  • 19 A.C.B. - Daystar between two to ten months of age at the turn of the year.

Talking to Dragons Edit

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